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Bio-Beds Plus

Best Organic Natural Wool Mattress Toppers Canada - Bio Beds Plus

Best Organic Natural Wool Mattress Toppers Canada - Bio Beds Plus

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Looking for organic natural wool mattress toppers? Bio Beds Plus offers the best natural wool mattress toppers with 100% unbleached organic cotton for sale in Canada.  

Organic Natural Wool Mattress Toppers

  • The Bio Bed Plus natural wool mattress toppers are extra cosy and soft.
  • Our wool mattress toppers are designed with sleep in mind.
  • You can easily turn your mattress into a comfy nest


● Our Natural Wool Topper makes a comfy nest for any mattress with a 1.5" loft of natural wool.

● It's ideal for all-year comfort.

● In the winter, it keeps you warm and keeps you cool in the summer.

● With careful maintenance, it can last for many years.

● The topper's eco wool is known for its fabulous down-type fibres, which have been shown to offer a soft surface on which to rest blissfully.

● Relief from discomfort caused by pressure on sensitive parts on the body's surface is an often encountered pleasure that ensures a healthy and restful night's sleep.

● The sleeping environment is dry, with no clammy or chilly sensations. As a result, there will be no tossing or turning to disrupt your sleep.

● Wool has been demonstrated to outperform other bedding fibres.


● 1.5” thick natural wool fill.

● 100% organic cotton cover.

  • Wool is naturally antimicrobial.
  • Our Wool Mattress are also temperature-regulating, as well as naturally fire.

Understanding the Aroma of Natural Wool Mattress Toppers

Eco-Wool is clean and free of chemicals, and it is periodically tested for harmful chemicals. Eco-Wool is cleaned with a gentle, biodegradable soap - Therefore no Acid or Chlorine should be used.


Can also be gently hand cleaned with a soft brush on the area. Allow complete drying of the product for a fresh sleeping experience.

Wool can also be naturally renewed and disinfected by the sun.

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