Natural Latex Mattress- The Mimosa

Your mattress Designed the way you decide.

A multitude of configurations to suit you. 

Start with the standard configuration or customize the features: 


‘Who’ are you sleeping with? And how long are they going to be around for?! 

Here is why I chose the Mimosa 100% Dunlop latex mattress for both my home and camper van beds:


-20 years of commitment compared with an average 5yr lifespan of a regular mattress. (Goodbye, abandonment issues! And, packed landfills)

-Free of the toxins that are in many regular mattresses and memory foam such as:





-Flame retardants and more….

PLUS- no awkward dip in the middle of the bed. Cuddling is nice – but sometimes it’s nicer to roll over and enjoy your own side of the bed. I know you’re nodding your head, so what are you waiting for?! :)

This steal of a deal won’t last as long as the Mimosa will! Get 6” fit for a Queen (perfect in my humble opinion) for $ 1,249

Option to add on a 2” topper for $ 199 and a gorgeous natural wool cover for $499

Shipping is a breeze, the mattress will arrive in 3 separate boxes and assembly is quick and easy. No stink/off-gassing. You’re ready for the best sleep of your life within 20 min!

I’ve learned in all of my adventures that the most important factor in having a good day, is having a good sleep the night before. I truly wish everyone wellness- I wouldn’t want to promote anything if it wasn’t better for both you and the environment. Here’s to great nights… that lead to even better days, Katy xo


If you’re looking to request a custom size mattress for your camper, please click here:


Hypoallergenic Breathable Eco-friendly Durable