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Working from home? Why you shouldn't work using your bed

Due to COVID-19 social isolation measures are being implemented, as a result, most of us have adapted to work from home.

For many individuals, the phrase "working from home" conjures up a variety of images. Working from home, according to a simple Google search, implies individuals doing jobs from the floor, pets crawling all over the place, and some comforting their newborns while accepting work-related calls, clothed in pyjamas. Without a doubt, most of these home-related activities cannot be done in ordinary workplaces, with the exception of pets, which may now be done in some offices that have lately become dog friendly.

Working remotely, on the other hand, encourages employees to create a more efficient and healthy work plan. Working from home should help you establish self-control and create boundaries. This is especially crucial for individuals who work from home, in a co-working environment, or in restaurants, where there is some separation between home and work.

Most of us who are currently working from home due to the coronavirus quarantine choose to sit on the bed with our laptops for hours, even if it causes neck and back discomfort. Not to mention how we are occasionally distracted by the need to lie down from time to time, thus impacting productivity. Because having a home office in your house share is uncommon, it's natural that we're making do with makeshift offices made from our sofas, floors, and kitchen countertops.

But there is one area you should never work from your bed.

We know how tempting it is to stay in your pjs (maybe putting on a decent shirt for a Zoom conference) and keep snuggled up in blankets.

Sleeping problems you can face if you work from your bed

According to research, working from bed has a bad impact on your health. Most of us squat when working, which can be harmful to our spine. When working from bed, there is no sufficient support. You have a horrible habit of bending down when working, which is unhealthy for your spine. Initially, one may have muscular spasms, back discomfort, or leg pain, but sitting in this position on a regular basis may result in a slipped disc." When the soft inner component of a spinal disc slips through a breach in the outer shell, pain and numbness spread throughout the body.

Working from bed tends to blur the line between work and rest. And, because the brain links a place with certain behavior, sitting on the bed while working can also have an influence on your sleep quality, according to psychologist Charlotte Armitage in an interview with Ideally, one should set up a separate area of the house for work, ideally a desk. The bed, on the other hand, should be used for sleeping only.

Furthermore, sleep problems are particularly frequent among people suffering from neck and shoulder discomfort. According to Dr Raghavendra, the muscles do not get a chance to relax, which causes contracture and difficulties in sleeping.

Things to consider before working from your bed

If you must sit on the bed while working, make sure you sit upright. "Get good back support," to avoid bending your neck, keep the laptop upright so that it is parallel to your head. The head, neck, and spine should ideally form a straight line. Try to maintain your legs straight or very slightly bent at the knees. However, do not sit in the same position for an extended period of time. Continue to change your posture; get up from time to time, take a five-minute stroll, and stretch your muscles before returning to work. A 30-minute light workout in the morning and evening is also advised."

Direct impacts on your sleep quality

Working from bed entails bringing all of your requirements, including your laptop, smartphones, and other work-related equipment. This can have a big influence on your sleep quality. Working before going to bed involves staring at a bright screen, which lowers the production of melatonin, which causes sleep. Bright light excites the visual nerves, making it difficult to sleep well and be productive in general.

Working from your bed will disrupt your sleep and have an impact on your job and productivity the following day. There are several methods to get a good night's sleep and feel comfortable while working from home, just as there are numerous reasons not to work from your bed.

Trying to keep your electronic devices away from your bed

Make a secure zone in your bed and dedicate your bedroom completely to resting. This should include investing in a high-quality mattress, dark curtains, and other sleep-enhancing accessories. To accomplish this, avoid bringing electrical gadgets into your bed. This will improve your sleep quality and help you establish some boundaries between your job and home lives.

Make a separate working environment 

As working from your bed is not recommended, try creating a separate working space. This might imply dedicating a table or space in your home to work. If you find this difficult, consider working from a nearby coffee shop, restaurant, or co-working facility.

When it comes time to sleep, you'll be glad you made an effort to build appropriate boundaries between work and sleep. Along with that, several reputable businesses and hotel chains provide their clients sleeping materials such as wool beddings, wool toppers, and duvets, all of which are of high quality.


Sleep is far too valuable to compromise by converting your bed into a piece of furniture. Leaving the bed alone throughout the day offers several advantages, ranging from a sound, peaceful sleep to improved posture and productivity. When it comes time to sleep, you'll be glad you made an effort to build appropriate boundaries between work and sleep. Moreover, you can increase your sleep cycle by considering the best bedding material e.g. wool as it is one of the most comfortable of all. We suggest BioBeds Plus which provides all-natural, Eco-friendly wool products. BioBeds Plus is available in Ontario as well as British Columbia, and shipment is available everywhere in and out of Canada. Currently, they have limited-time discount offers on all their products so hurry up and avail of this offer before it ends. BioBeds Plus is available in British Columbia and Ontario, and shipment is available everywhere in and out of Canada.

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