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Wool Toppers made in the USA

American Wool from Small Farms is the Natural way to go
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Decided to buy a Wool Topper?

Wool is an excellent choice of filling for a topper if you are looking for a natural soft cushioning feeling. An added benefit is the wicking away of moisture and temperature regulation. If you've recently bought a mattress that's too hard using a Wool Topper can add more comfort.

Natural Mattress Toppers Healthy for you and the environment

Shop for toppers that use wool from sheep that are given quality care and nutrition and therefore have better quality Wool.Smal farms that keep small flock can monitor sheep closely and ensure that good standards and practices are being followed.
Make sure no carbonization, no bleaching & therefore no chlorine is used. Only soap should be used to remove the lanolin from the wool.
Best Wool Topper
If you are shopping online for a Topper made from natural or organic Wool, the first thing to check is if the cover is GOTS certified cotton. Wool is bulky so consider how far this bulky material is being shipped as you want to be environmentally conscious in other words don't ship your topper from the other side of the World.

Why you don't want carbonizing processes used on your wool.

Most wool has cellulose impurities and this is removed with acid. Sulfuric acid is one of the chemicals used to remove these impurities. Ask your Sales Specialist what process is used to clean the wool in your natural mattress topper and ensure that no Canonization was used.
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