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wool mattress toppers ontario

Organic Cotton Duvet Cover for your Natural Duvet

 Your natural mattress toppers ship free from british columbia to you in ontario

Choose Natural Toppers made in the Pacific North West. These toppers combine wool from different breeds of sheep so as to give you the best characteristics of each.

wool duvet

If you are considering purchasing a Wool Duvet, check to see if an organic duvet cover is available for your duvet.  If you are purchasing both at the same time ask for a discount.
​In fact you might to think about buying a Wool Topper as well. Get that Pillow Top feeling by sleeping on the Mattress Topper and cocoon yourself in the toasty warm combination of 100% Natural Wool.

free shipping of bulky natural wool bedding

Wool is bulky of course be certain that the natural bedding specialist that you purchase from offers free shipping to your area. If you are in Ontario and outside of a major city for example, Toronto- check to see that the Store ships to smaller towns, for example , Kitchener, Hamilton, Oakville, London, Windsor, Ottawa, Vaughn, Barrie, Sudbury.
There are some organic bedding suppliers that sell exceptionally luxurious, thick, heavy and bulky wool toppers and duvets so it's very important that you ensure that you are getting the best shipping rates especially if shipping cross Country from British Columbia to Ontario.
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