Why Latex and Wool Are the Best Bedding Materials

Why Latex and Wool Are the Best Bedding Materials

Is it time to replace your bedding? Old bedding should be replaced after every two or three years. But there is a lot more to consider when you go out to buy new bedding. There are numerous benefits of natural wool and latex bedding that allows you to have a comfortable and healthy sleep. Furthermore, natural bedding helps in saving the environment.

​Here are some of the benefits of using latex and wool bedding materials and why you should consider them.

​Comfortable Sleep

When it comes to selecting bedding, comfort is at the top of the list. As latex and wool are known to provide utmost comfort while sleeping, they are the best choice to sleep at night. Furthermore, the lack of chemical treatments like bleach actually keeps the fabric soft. In addition to natural latex and wool being softer than synthetic fibers, the softness remains intact; how many times you wash it. Natural latex and wool beddings also eliminate the unpleasant sweaty feeling you get with regular synthetic beddings.

​Protection of Sensitive Skin

​Many people are sensitive to dyes and chemicals used in the regular synthetic fabric used in beddings. To save yourself from that, natural latex and wool bedding materials are a perfect choice that keeps sensitive skin well taken care of. Mattresses can be a major origin of chemical exposure as Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE), boric acid, antimony, decabromodiphenyl oxide, and other hazardous flame-retardant chemicals are often found in synthetic mattresses and beddings. Natural latex and wool bedding are toxin-free and fire-resistant with no compromise in quality.

​Environment Friendly

This sort of bedding is created from chemical and dye-free organic latex and wool in a way that satisfies both the environment and the end consumers.

Pesticides and toxic chemicals are not used in the cultivation of the cotton plants used to create this sort of bedding. These crops are farmed with less water, which is also good for the environment. But the advantages are not limited here. Because no chemicals are utilized in the manufacturing process as well, choosing organic bedding is a green choice that helps the environment.

​Quality Assurance

Natural bedding has a better level of quality than conventional bedding. You won't have to replace natural bedding as frequently, and you won't have to sacrifice the bedding's feel. Machines often harvest conventional materials. They contaminate the plant material with seeds and other debris. The material must next be cleaned with chemicals to remove the contamination.

On the other hand, organic materials are more likely to be collected by hand.  They are then treated with gentle soap to preserve the suppleness of latex and wool bedding. Because organic latex and wool bedding are not bleached or dyed, the quality is maintained throughout the manufacturing process. As a result, natural latex and wool bedding are more expensive than regular bedding.

Regulation of Heat

​Organic latex and wool mattresses are inherently effective at controlling body temperature and moisture because of the combination of cotton and wool. Wool holds moisture and keeps your body at the optimum temperature for a deep and restful night's sleep. Cotton is highly breathable, keeping your body cool and dry as you sleep, and cotton holds moisture within the body and keeps it at the perfect temperature for a good night sleep.

Flame Retardant

Natural Latex and Wool Mattresses are naturally flame resistant, so they do not need additional chemicals to make them flame retardant. Furthermore, the lanolin in organic wool and latex makes the fiber combustion resistant making it safe for use.

All-Season Use

​The perfect bedroom environment comprises a mattress made of natural latex or wool. Individuals who sleep with wool bedding have less disturbance in sleep, and a longer period of REM sleep. Natural latex and wool mattresses comprise permeable fibers, making them incredibly comfortable all year for everyone. Whether you sleep on your side, stomach, or want to relieve back pain.

Organic Latex and Wool Beddings Last Longer

In terms of resilience, organic latex and wool have always outperformed memory foam. There are no chemicals present in this mattress that would cause it to break down faster than a traditional mattress. Because latex from the rubber tree can be used to make synthetic latex, it's critical to look for the GOLS certification. Synthetic latex, most likely memory foam, will not last as long.

A memory foam mattress has a much slower response time, resulting in a lifespan ranging from 5 to 7 years. When pressure is released from a latex mattress, the response time is almost instantaneous. This bounce-like sensation is projected to endure at least ten years.

​Difference Between Organic and Synthetic Bedding

When it comes to a straightforward comparison, the advantages of naturally produced bedding over synthetic bedding are numerous. Synthetic beddings are thought to be more robust and last longer than organic beddings. This is a frequent fallacy. On the other hand, organic beddings can easily outlast their synthetic equivalents if adequately cared for. That isn't to argue that organic beddings require any special attention. Organic beddings can tolerate repeated washing, which is advantageous for allergy sufferers. Organic beddings are also chemical-free, which is very important when shopping for beddings for people with sensitive skin.


Organic latex and all-natural wool bedding materials is a decent choice for a characteristic option in contrast to standard bedding. The wool comes from sheep, which are not killed to gather and is liberated from chemicals, synthetic compounds, and pesticides. Studies have shown that organic wool duvet lessens back pain too. Here, we have discussed why latex and wool are the best bedding options to sleep. Which not only enhances your sleep quality but also keeps your body far from chemical-related allergies and diseases. Our top pick to get quality organic and chemical-free latex and wool beddings are Bio-Beds Plus which provides all-natural, Eco-friendly wool products. Bio-Beds Plus is available in Ontario, and shipment is available everywhere in and out of Canada.
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