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why are latex mattresses so heavy

We've been asked by customers why our mattresses are so heavy. These are solid dunlop rubber mattresses. most customers request dunlop latex. We sell 100% pure latex in our organic and natural mattresses. if you request a hybrid that will use a bio-foam which will be very much lighter in weight, however if you are looking for a natural mattress, go with the dunlop latex. incidently the 'bio' in our name refers to biologique - 'organic' not, bio foam.
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solid latex mattress

a good queen dunlop mattress will weigh about 150 pounds. it's solid and pure. a high density product made by pouring liquid latex into a mold. that's what you want. You get more for your money.
think about it- when you buy a mattress with a metal innerspring you get mostly air. it's padded with an insulator made from fiber and some low density POLYURETHANE foam. this does give some support and comfort however you get so much more product with latex. it's also the reason for a latex mattress lasting so long. a good dunlop latex mattress lasts up to 25 years because there is so much material in it- not air!
we can tell you whats used in an innerspring mattress because our founders produced close to one  million of them in one of their plants. we like selling latex not only because they are chemical free mattresses but also because there are almost no service calls to make. the mattresses are simply great. Natural hyperallergenic beds! 
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