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What does poor performance have to do with sleep?

Sleep deprivation affects individuals who routinely stay awake all night and anyone who gets less sleep than the hours recommended in most studies to live a healthy life.

Organizations usually overlook a critical workplace problem that is the sleep-deprived staff. 

Recent studies and analyses have revealed that employees who do not get enough or sufficient sleep are at a higher risk of accidents, long-term health concerns, and low job productivity.

The sleeping disorder affects you both psychologically and physically, leading to various dangerous conditions, including high blood pressure, a heart attack, heart failure, stroke, and psychological issues.

What Concerns Should Employers Have?

Inadequate sleep or sleeplessness can result in decreased productivity, increased accidents and cognitive impairment that will affect the company’s credibility, eventually affecting the employer.

Preventable accidents can occur as a result of sleep deprivation and sleep disorders. All companies/organizations must take this into notice because high accident rates will not result only in temporarily losing the staff but will also affect the company financially as the company will have to pay for their medical expenses.

Following are some of the likely repercussions of sleep deprivation:


Insufficient sleep makes it difficult for our body systems to properly metabolise glucose and convert it to energy stores. As the brain requires a great deal of glucose to function effectively, it will suffer, resulting in a lack of focus, distraction and poor attention at work.


Employees' ingenuity during brainstorming sessions and their overall ability to think effectively and make intelligent or strategic decisions may decline due to a starved brain.


Memory consolidation (a process where short events are converted into long term memory) during sleep hours, not getting enough sleep can cause memory lapses and blind spots. In any case, this is not good for employees' retention of vital information pertaining to the workplace


People become more impulsive and irritated when their brains do not get a suitable amount of rest; hence, they cannot handle emotions effectively. This can result in major problems like strained relationships, and a generally unpleasant atmosphere.


A person's body is under a lot of stress and strain when they don't get enough sleep. which may have an impact on one's physical health. Raised levels of cortisol, for example, abnormalities in the endocrine system occur, as well as a weakened immune system, leaving a person more prone to colds and other infections.

The symptoms are more noticeable in individuals who are sleep deprived. They may even cause mental health problems if a person is predisposed to them.

Problems apart from drowsy workers

The staff may get severe health issues as a result of sleep deprivation for example mood problems, depression that can lead to insufficiency of enthusiasm to execute fundamental work obligations, leading to an employee's exit.

Obesity, thyroid problems, and diabetes are examples of metabolic syndromes that may raise the number of sick days and healthcare expenditures for the organization.

Prolonged sleeplessness can be a root cause for many disorders as well as physiological reactions, such as hyperglycemia and high cholesterol levels. Due to this condition, People may become more prone to emotional exhaustion.

This might lead to staff turnover and can result in inefficiency and ineffectiveness of the organization as well as this will also discourage the other employees. Furthermore, as per Eva Coven, a sleep specialist at Kansas-sleep, sleep deprivation may be dangerous since it increases the likelihood of workplace accidents. This is especially true at facilities where employees manually operate machinery because their attention to detail is crucial not just for their own success but also for the safety of everyone else.

Roles managers and businesses should perform

Having said that, senior management can suggest employees about their sleeping patterns in order to improve productivity and functionality. 

Management can actually influence employees' sleep patterns and possibly assist them in sleeping more soundly.

Here are a few suggestions for businesses on how to cope with sleep loss and assist their staff in developing healthy sleeping habits:

Make People aware

Regular activities, as well as weekly and monthly activities that support a good sleep schedule, might be advantageous at work. The goal is to make employees aware that getting adequate sleep might save them a lot of money in the long run when it comes to their health. It will also increase their productivity, which may lead to promotions and increased compensation.

Establishing a work schedule that is adaptable

Circadian rhythms — Our body's natural systems for controlling our sleep-wake cycle vary from person to person. As a result, the ideal way to take advantage of your employees' productivity swings is to offer working hours that are flexible and that allow them to arrive with a fresh mind. Not many businesses can run in this manner, but if it is possible for you, you should definitely consider it.

Setting-up Nap Room

This isn't a remedy for every firm, but it's worth considering if companies believe they can provide a place for workers to snooze in the middle of the day. Nap chambers are prevalent in Japanese firms – it's no surprise that Japan boasts the world's third-largest economy. 

Alongside that, few reputable businesses and hotel networks give their clients the best bedding materials like wool sheets, wool beddings, and duvets, which are all of superior quality.


Most of these concerns may be resolved by simply amending or implementing organizational policy. Working with management to promote awareness and implement suitable policies to decrease workplace weariness might actually save a lot – both in money and in human lives – especially in the case of a less-informed firm.

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