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The Ideal Mattress Sizes for an Undisturbed Sleep

Let's be honest, there comes a a point in time where we have a strong urge to kick our partner out of the bedroom because their movement robs us of a goodnight’s sleep. As funny as that may sound, it can be a huge inconvenience in reality.We understand the anguish of a disturbed night's sleep caused by a companion whose limbs refuse to keep away from you. Imagine you are peacefully drifting into your dreamland, and suddenly a hand smacks you in the face, and you suddenly wake up thinking there has been an attack. Only to realize, it was just your partner changing sides in their sleep and mistakenly hitting you in the process. But wait, have you ever considered who, or what the real culprit is? You'd be surprised that it may actually not be your be your innocent partner! It could be the size of your mattress. To be honest, it would be quite unfair if you blame your partner for sleeping with legs spread everywhere. It is part of their nature that they are active sleepers.

Instead, the prudent course of action would be to exercise more caution the next time you shop for a mattress. According to Restonic, sleeping on an incorrectly sized mattress causes discomfort, which impacts your mood throughout the day. Don’t know where to start when choosing the ideal mattress size? Well, there is no need to squint because we are here to help you through this decision-making process by providing you with detailed information on the suitability of each mattress size. We will also tell you where you can find this ideal organic mattress size, wool mattress toppers, and covers. before we do that, let:s explore other things that disrupt your serene sleep.

​Factors that contribute to disturbed sleep

Wrong bed size: As per NetDoctor, bed size largely affects the quality of your sleep. Apparently, a spokesperson for Sleep Council, Jessica Alexander recommends that individuals purchase the largest bed they can afford. Larger bed sizes are okay to deal with, but a smaller one could considerably make you uncomfortable.

● Irritating mattress material: Mites, hazardous chemicals, and allergens are usually found in non-organic mattress materials. You might be familiar with this if you often wake up in the middle of the night to scratch yourself. However, these toxic materials also have the potential to result in life-threatening allergies. But worry not- because Bio-Beds Plus offers a great solution in the form of organic mattresses together with exquisite organic wool mattress protectors. Due to its intrinsic qualities, wool is resistant to mites and lacks the toxins that cause the above-mentioned health issues, so you can sleep rash and allergy free.

● Improper mattress covers and toppers: The above issues are not only confined to your mattress but also the material of the mattress covers or toppers you use. The reason is that these items usually remain in close contact with your skin during sleep. Hence, toxins present in these items also result in the disruption of broken sleep cycles. To combat the above, we suggest the use of organic merino wool mattress toppers and wool mattress covers. You can easily purchase these through the Bio-Beds Plus website or find them in-store in White Rock, BC.

● Lack of proper mattress firmness: SELF reveals that unsupportive mattresses result in severe back, neck, and joint aches. Ow! So to avoid back, neck and posture problems in the future,, resist the temptation to get an extremely soft mattress, no matter how tempting it's plushness is. Now that you know the factors that cause disturbed sleep , let us explore the ideal mattress sizes.

The ideal mattress sizes for the coziest sleep experience

The ideal mattress size primarily varies between individuals and their sleep preferences. In other words, there isn't any one-size-fits all approach you have to follow to find the perfect mattress size. However, considering the guide below will surely help.


Dimensions: 38′′ x 75′′
This is the smallest size of mattresses on our list (with the exemption of cribs). Usually, this size is ideal for kids aged 2 to 12 years. However, if you reside in a dormitory or hostel where space is an issue, this mattress will suffice. Note however, you can’t conveniently share it with a partner, or if you have a starfish sleeping position.

Twin XL

Dimensions: 38′′ x 80′′
These are slightly larger than twin size and are ideal for single sleepers and kids. And, if your height does not allow you to sleep on a twin-size mattress, twin XL is the ideal size for you. These are also good for your guest rooms. Again, it is not very comfortable if you have to share it with someone, but it's an option for sleeping solo.

Full (Double)

Dimensions: 54′′ x 75′′
If you do not have any space limitations, then this is the optimal mattress size for teenagers and adults. Its dimensions allow an individual to easily sleep in any position they wish to. In other words, you won’t have to compromise comfort for space. Sometimes, even couples use this mattress size. However, the latter results in a situation similar to that mentioned at the start of the article, i.e being kicked out of the room by your fussy partner. Not so romantic, is it?


Dimensions: 60′′ x 80′′
The queen dominates not only the chess game but also the majority of the dwellings on the planet. It is the most common mattress and bed size and is fundamentally fit for a couple. Moreover, you can find numerous variations to the dimensions above. Hence, it is essential to consider the space in your room before buying a queen size bed or mattress. You don’t want to have to squeeze your back into the wall whenever moving in the room, do you?


Dimensions: 76′′ x 80′′
Now, if you are in search of something a bit more extravagant or if you and your partner like to have some space while you sleep, then look no further than the king-size mattress. This mattress size also comes in varying dimensions and needs a lot of space. The key is always to ensure that a bed or mattress will fit perfectly in your room and give you enough space to move around.

Final Thoughts

We are glad you now know the ideal mattress sizes for an undisturbed sleep. If you enjoyed reading as much as we enjoyed sharing this information, do consider the size of your bed before making a decision on the mattress.
The good news is that you can find all these sizes at Bio-Bed Plus. Simply select the right organic mattress size and in conjunction with an organic wool mattress cover and natural wool mattress topper to give your bed unrivaled beauty and premium comfort. Don't waste another precious second, you're already one step closer to getting the sleep of your dreams. Click here to shop now.
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