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organic all the way | Mattresses & Bedding

one of the few places that you can spend time & not be assaulted with toxins is your mattress. That is if you are sleeping on an organic mattress. 
nowadays even going for a walk in the suburbs can be toxic. walk by an apartment building and vents in the buildings walls are belching out neurotoxins from laundry products used in dryers. 

isn't it wonderful to be able to buy an organic product where you don't have to strain your eyes trying to read a label a mile long to find out what's in it?
the major components in a non toxic organic mattress are certified organic dunlop latex and certified organic cotton fabric in the cover cover plus a small percentage of natural wool. 

what does the word 'bio' mean in bio-beds plus?

over the years many of our chemical free mattresses were designed in europe.
in europe 'bio' refers to a product that is organic.
its even more important to ensure that your child sleeps on an organic mattress 
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