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Ideal Pillow Sizes for Every Family Member

Bedding and its materials have been around for countless generations and have been a part of humanity. Eventually, their first use was largely concerned for comfort and Sleep, but it didn't take long for them to be employed as interior decorations as well. Pillows are available in a broad range of designs, shapes, and sizes, ranging from sleeping pillows designed for comfort to ornamental and designer pillows and floor pillows. The question that arises is about the ideal size of pillows for individuals and for family members. Hence, bedroom pillows have Ideal sizes; the usual sizes for many other types of pillows vary depending on where and how they are used.

​Ideal Bedding Pillow Sizes

​Ideal Pillow sizes are well known and widely accepted. There are four Ideal Pillow sizes
in Canada.
Standard Size Pillow - 20"x26' (50 x 75 cm)
Queen Size Pillow - 20"x30 (50 x 75 cm)
King Size Pillow - 20"x36" (50 x 90 cm)
Euro Size Pillow - 26"x26" (65 x 65 cm)

  • Dimensions of Standard Pillow
    The Standard pillow size is 20′′x26′′. One regular pillow can be used on a twin bed, two on a full or queen-sized bed, and three on a king-sized mattress.

  • Dimensions of Queen Pillow
    A queen cushion is 20"x30". Two queen pillows can comfortably fit over a queen bed. Although a standard pillowcase is used for both the standard and queen pillows.

  • Dimensions of King Pillow
    A king cushion is 20"x36" in size. A set of king pillows and a king pillowcase fit nicely over a king bed.

  • Dimensions of Euro Pillow
    A Euro pillow is 26"x26" in size. Euro pillows are popular as bedding pillows across the world, and many hotels provide them alongside standard-sized pillows on their beds. Euro pillows are enormous, square pillows that measure 26"x26" and were also designed to give support while resting against a bed's headboard.

​How Pillow Filling Affects the Size

​Knowing about the filling of the pillow is essential.

The majority of bedding pillows are filled with a combination of feathers and down.

Additionally, these pillows are less expensive than 100 percent down-filled pillows. Feathers offer solidity, while down adds loft.

Down is the fluffy undercoat that lies beneath the feathers of ducks and geese. Down outlasts synthetic fillings and provides the most sumptuous feel and comfort. Even though wool filling and synthetic fillings are also employed in bedding pillows, namely in
hypoallergenic bedding pillows. 

​Sizes of Wool Pillows

Although Wool pillows come in a broad range of shapes and sizes, many interior designers believe that specific sizes of throw pillows work best in particular contexts.
​Wool Pillow Canada
Standard - 20x 26
Queen - 20 x 30
King - 20 x 36

Additionally, Wool pillows are frequently used to provide extra comfort and get more sleep with increased REM sleep.

Ideal sizes for Wool pillows are determined by the size of the fabric used to manufacture the pillow. The extra inch enables a 12" border around the pillow edge to be sewed into the seam, resulting in an empty pillow shell that measures roughly 20" from corner to corner. Filling the cushion at a thickness of 3-4", the pillow will not be 20" broad. The buffer puffs out because of the stuffing, drawing the sides in, and providing a measurement closer to 17"-18" from side to side.

​How to Measure the Pillow Size

Measuring a pillow may not appear to be a complicated process, but if done wrong, you will obtain erroneous dimensions. Instead of a delicate tailor's measuring tape, use an intricate carpenter's measuring tape. Hold two pillow corners to the ground and measure from one end to another.

Therefore, avoid measuring diagonally or from the center to either side of the cushion when measuring. You'll also note that all cushion sizes listed above are absolute numbers. It may require some rounding, but your measurements should also be total numbers.

We hope you now know how to choose the correct cushion for you and your needs now that you've read our guide to different pillow sizes. After you've found the ideal pillow, use our bed sheet size chart to discover the proper linens for your bed.

​Frequently Asked Questions

A Suitable Sized pillow enhances my sleep?
Yes, a wool pillow can aid with lowered heart rate and reduced sleep disruption.

Where can I find a variety of sizes?
You can find a variety of sizes from Bio-Bed Plus, as it brings you the most comfortable and reliable pillows. Our natural Eco wool pillows and Organic wool mattress covers, Organic wool mattress toppers, and natural wool mattress protectors are
everything you need today.

Standard size and thickness of a Wool pillow?
The Pillow size depends on your sleeping position like a side sleeper or back sleeper must be thick as compared to standard pillow size. The extra thickness will support the head and neck and help the sleeper to maintain good posture.

What is a loft of a Pillow?
The loft of a pillow refers to the height of a pillow. The size and filling material inside the pillow determine a sleeper's head and neck position.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the best pillow for yourself and every family member isn't as simple as determining whether you sleep on your stomach, side, or back. There are other considerations to take, the effort in selecting the appropriate pillow and purchasing the right one for you will pay off well. After all, we spend one-third of our lives sleeping, and few factors influence our overall comfort and happiness as much as the quality of our sleep.

Bio-Beds Plus is the brand to go with if you want the best wool pillow and dependable comfort. Our wool bedding is available in a variety of locations both inside and outside of Canada.
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