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Ideal mattress for back pain

Our mattresses improve overall sleeping posture and well-being so making you feel rested and well each day. These mattresses are designed specifically for you, to provide excellent support and of even more importance, the mattresses are constructed using non-toxic materials. No Carcinogenic materials or synthetic fire retardants are used as a fire barrier. Natural wool is quilted to GOTS certified cotton. These mattresses are made in Canada from certified 100% organic or natural latex. When sleeping on a natural mattress you will breathe more easily and have more restful sleep throughout the night. If you are prone to allergies you will be happy to know that latex is dust mite resistant. Dust mites are a major factor in respiratory problems.
Make sure to ask for our expert guidance on choosing the best organic mattress when  you are shopping.

During restful sleep the body rejuvenates.

A good night's sleep improves mental and physical health. It's important for building up your immune system. Our mattresses are hand-made in Vancouver, British Columbia, using Dunlop latex- a dense natural rubber which offers ideal support for your back. It's important if you suffer from low back pain to obtain a mattress that has the right blend of support and comfort. Check to see that the mattress you are purchasing is available with a 90-day comfort guarantee as this ensures that if you need to adjust the level of support you can.

If you do suffer from back pain, it is important that the comfort layer of the mattress is soft enough to cushion your hips and shoulders. A good mattress enables you to relax the muscles and back and Dunlop latex mattresses provide ultimate pressure relief for the spine and joints.

There are a wide variety of mattresses in the Canadian market and it is important to spend the time and ask as many questions as possible about the construction of the mattress.
Biobedsplus makes buying a new bed easy.

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