Hybrid Matress - Bio-Beds Plus

Hybrid Matress

Hybrid mattresses cost significantly less to produce than an all natural mattress. Some online mattress stores are selling solid latex mattresses for similar prices to the Hybrid so it suits you to shop around and do your homework. If you are in the market for an Organic or 100% Natural Latex Mattress it's probably because you've heard of the performance aspects of Natural Rubber and you are shopping for a mattress made from all natural components. You want a mattress that's natural with no synthetics or harsh chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides used in the production of the cotton, wool or natural rubber. That said - if you have the choice of an All Latex Vs Latex and innerspring, go for the All natural Latex Mattress. Some Stores are now selling Queen Natural Latex Mattresses for $1,599. 

hybrid vs. all latex

Shop online with a retailer who is knowledgeable about mattresses. Even better there are several businesses that sell online and manufacture or design their own mattresses. Get their advice on the right mattress for you. 
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