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How to Get Warm Sleep During Bone-Shaking Winters

Our bodies have a specific temperature range that allows us to sleep peacefully. A little bit over or under that temperature makes the body difficult to experience ideal sleep and activate its recovery mode. Every night as the sun sets, our body releases a hormone named “Melatonin’ which is a signal to the body’s brain for sleep. This hormone also enables the body to drop the temperature to an ideal state making it ready to get cozy and slip off to sleep. If the environment we are about to sleep in is too hot or too cold, it interferes with the body’s sleep cycle.

Heat Your Room

It's wasteful and possibly costly to warm your whole home the entire evening. So on the coldest of evenings, it may very well be smarter to simply warm the room and shut the door to keep the warmth and heat in.

Use Woolen Bedsheets in the Winter

Wool is an extraordinary decision of material for bedsheets in the colder time of year. Wool is cotton that has been brushed to make it cushioned, as opposed to smoothing like ordinary cotton sheets.

All that additional fluffiness implies more air is caught, which makes it a better insulator.

​Make Sure to Create Many Layers of Top Sheets and Blankets

Instead of using a single thick blanket, comforter, or duvet, stack them. The concept is to build layers of insulation and trap air (which is a poor conductor of heat). Layers are also useful since they may be removed if you become too warm at night. To enhance the insulating effect, alternate between thinner and thicker layers. If you don't have the funds to invest in pricey bed heating systems or luxury bedding, adding layers of any material may be beneficial.

Shift to woolen duvets as due to their insulating properties, the duvets trap heat and keep the body warm and at just the right temperature, so you get a peaceful sleep.

Choose Warmer Blanket Materials

If you utilize a cover, the hottest materials are wool and cotton. The filaments of these materials are curlier, which makes air pockets that trap your body heat better compared to normal manufactured synthetic fibers.

There are numerous choices of fleece and wool, with sheep wool being the most widely recognized. Moreover, on the off chance that you need the exceptionally warmest conceivable, buy a blanket produced using organic Merino Wool.

Use Heated Bedding

Even though it's feasible to warm your bed utilizing only your body and bedding, for certain individuals it probably won't be sufficient. Furthermore, on the off chance that you despise getting into a cold bed, maybe it's an ideal opportunity to warm it up before you settle down for the evening.

The fundamental decisions of warmed bedding are warmed sleeping cushion cushions or electric covers. Sleeping mattresses pads have the advantage of heating from under you, so warm the bed all the more proficiently.

Be that as it may, electric covers may suit certain individuals better. They are a decent decision on the off chance that you don't need wires underneath you, or find you get too hot when the heat is caught between the bed and your body.

Wear Warm Robes

Proceeding with the subject of creating insulation for your body heat, take a try at wearing some warm wool night robe. They additionally make getting up in the night a somewhat less shivery experience while also trapping heat in your body as that is one of the benefits of organic wool products.

Snuggle up to a Hot Water Bottle

One more method for presenting an additional source of warmth is with a high temp water bottle. Fill it with hot water (not bubbling, however), and place it in your bed before you get in. You would then be able to snuggle onto it or use it to save your feet warmer for the principal half of the evening.

But this method has many flaws in it as the hot water bottle does not remain warm the whole night and if you do not have woolen beddings to trap the heat from the hot water bottle, cold air seeps in, disturbing the cozy temperature that you have created for your body.

Drink Hot Chocolate or Tea

Getting yourself a cup of hot chocolate or tea ( should be caffeine-free) or herbal tea also known as chamomile is a superb way to warm yourself up and get your body ready and relax for a good night’s sleep.

What’s the Ideal Bedroom Temperature?

A falling temperature signs to your body clock that it's evening, and along with these lines time for rest. So warming your room an excessive amount can negatively affect your rest quality.

Rest specialists suggest a room temperature of somewhere in the range of 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit (15.5 and 19.5 degrees Celsius). Certain individuals will incline toward hotter or cooler temperatures to stay in bed, however, it's a valuable guideline.

So even though it's great to warm your bed, assuming it causes you to overheat and perspire, take a stab at exploring different avenues regarding cooler temperatures.

It may sound unreasonable on the off chance that your home is literally under a foot of snow, but getting carried away in combating the cold may ruin your rest also.


Here, we have discussed how to get a warm sleep during chilly winter nights. In addition, we have shared the benefits of organic wool bedding which not only enhance sleep quality but also keep your body warm and at the right temperature to pass the winter cold with ease. Our top pick to get quality organic and natural wool bedding is Bio-Beds Plus which provides all-natural, Eco-friendly wool products. Bio-Beds Plus is available in
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