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How Natural Wool Enhances Sleep Cycle

To many, the material that's slept on isn't really as important as getting the actual sleep itself and drifting off into the land of dreams. If you also fall into this school of thought, let's just say we have news for you! 
How does sleeping in dusty material susceptible to fungi and allergens sound to you? Not so dreamy hunh?
That's right. Many non-wool materials used in bedding are breeding grounds for toxins, dust mites, and allergies, but organic wool is naturally resistant to dust mites, dust mite allergens, as well as fungi - making it the best material for keeping said allergies at bay. 
But be careful, as processed wool, on the other hand, which is non-organic -  has been scientifically proven to contain a cocktail mix of toxic chemicals that result in damaged fabric brittle, thus causing skin irritation, particularly to those with sensitive skin. Ouch! 
Worry not- as there's a safer and better option,  and it's pure organic wool. Little wonder it's the preferred choice for top bedding and furniture merchants as well as hoteliers keen on 100% customer satisfaction. Those pesky dust mites and other microorganisms need a moist environment to survive, and this is usually amply provided by synthetic fibers.
 The good news is that natural wool can hold up to one-third the weight of moisture released from the human body which then evaporates quickly due to the inherent properties in the woolen fibers. What this simply means for you is that these yucky microorganisms are better kept at bay and you can enjoy a refreshing night's sleep, free of harmful toxins.

Here are some Important Reasons Why Natural Wool Enhances Sleep Cycle 
  1. It regulates the body temperature to improve sleep
Every night as we lie in bed, our bodies are susceptible to losing water as we lie in bed due to perspiration (sweat)  or respiration(breathing), and this water loss is calculated to be 40 grams an hour on average. 
This is where our organic wool mattress cover available at Bio-Beds Plus comes into play by efficiently absorbing the moisture from the skin and then allowing it to evaporate rapidly because of the unique properties of its fibers. 
Additionally, organic wool material helps to regulate the body temperature throughout the night. 
In comparison with other bedding materials, as the moisture from the skin builds up as with other less breathable synthetic fiber and feather beddings, the process of perspiration takes longer to evaporate and ultimately makes the body hot and uncomfortable. 
This is why, even in winter, a person may feel clammy and overheated. However, wool fibers are naturally crimped. As a result, they form small air pockets that efficiently trap air, helping to provide a superb thermal barrier that keeps you cozy and dry all night. 

2. It provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing it is  fire retardant

 Wool is a natural fire retardant, so a temperature of over 560°C is needed to burn it. As a matter of fact, organic merino wool mattress toppers contain fibers that are naturally resistant to flames making them a super safe product to use. It has high moisture and nitrogen percentage in addition to having a high oxygen index of about 26%. On top of that, organic wool doesn't release any deadly toxic chemical vapors into the atmosphere as non-organic wool or synthetic fibers do. So if the wool gets ignited, it will form a self-insulating char that will prevent fire propagation by not melting or dripping. 

3. It is Allergy-Free 

Most wool items that are intended for close body contacts, such as mattresses, blankets, and other bedding items, use soft wool, mainly known as natural or organic merino wool which has a distinct property. Not only do Organic Merino wool mattress toppers contain fluffy natural first-grade woo but, natural wool mattress protectors are officially recognized as asthma and allergy friendly by Allergy Standards Limited.

4. It helps fight off Infections 

How amazing is it that wool has been clinically proven to be antibacterial? Most especially in this current pandemic where we are all conscious of our hygiene and sanitary habits, this is an excellent choice for everyone.
When sleeping, the body produces extra protein molecules to fight off different infections. Hence, having a good night’s sleep is essential for the body to carry out the process efficiently. Here, our organic wool mattress comes into play, as it contains fatty acids that prevent the growth of mildew, bacteria, mold, and other gross toxins found in other bedding materials. Wool doesn't even need the frequent washing that other bedding requires thanks to these properties.
Hence, you can sleep extra snug knowing that you are provided with the comfort, protection, and ease needed for your body to relax and have a good sleep, important for a perfect immune system.  

5. It Provides the  quality of sleep that's beneficial to your mental health 

Major studies have shown that an individual’s mental health is directly proportional to the quality of sleep. Research done by the Sleep foundation shows that healthy sleep allows the brain to function properly. Sufficient sleep, especially REM(Rapid Eye Movement sleep), enables the brain processing of emotional information providing better thinking, learning and memory. Natural wool mattress toppers allow restful and deep sleep, permitting the brain to focus on fully providing better mental health. 

6. It helps in Lowering Blood Pressure 

Enjoying a quality sleep cycle helps in regulating the stress hormones in the body. On the flip side,  not getting enough sleep will increase the pressure in your blood flow. So having excellent sleep at night is the best way to ensure the former. An organic wool mattress is a great way to attain a comfortable sleep as it allows the body to naturally drift off to sleep and provide the necessary rest needed. Fortunately, the natural wool mattress protectors that provide the required sleep needed to have the blood pressure in check are easily accessible at Bio Beds Plus in white rock bc.

7. It helps in treating Skin Conditions 
Natural wool bedding reduces inflammation and helps with skin conditions such as eczema. Eczema damages the skin barrier function which results in making the skin more sensitive and prone to infection and dryness. By using organic wool products such as our Organic Wool Mattress, the breathable and airy organic wool material allows the skin to breathe, enhances rejuvenation and unrestricted blood flow, and helps in reducing adverse skin conditions.
These are just some of the main ways natural Wool enhances a good sleep cycle and how organic wool mattress toppers and natural wool mattress protectors readily available at Bio-Beds plus in White Rock, BC are essential to keeping a healthy and comfortable sleep cycle. 
Sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health and you can't go wrong with our organic wool toppers. To ensure you're getting the most out of your sleep, ensure you're adding our natural wool products such as Organic wool mattress covers, Organic wool mattress toppers, and natural wool mattress protectors to your bedding repertoire, and these are easily attainable at Bio-Beds plus, for in-store pick-up or worldwide shipping.
For the best of the best sleep experience, these toppers are a must-have. Get yours now, here.
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