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Go with a non toxic mattress today

why  purchase a nontoxic mattress from us
Bio Beds plus founders have been involved in furniture & appliance design for over 5 decades. they have developed products based on customers requests and made for specific global markets.  many manufacturers develop products that are geared towards THEIR COMPANY'S needs rather than listening to the customer. for example because manufacturers invest heavily in plant & equipment  they tend to stick with product designs that are suited for the machinery that they already have. if an improvement can be made for the customer it may involve retooling. they may consider the investment  prohibitive in cost and therefore  stick to older designs.


 means the customer comes first.

that is why other businesses in our industry have asked us to design products or assist with their factory layout & product designs.
much of our design work stemmed from operating in international markets where we had to produce appliances and beds for consumers who had limited incomes. we found that they were looking for products that would last a long time and were good value. these customers were not impressed with gimmicks. they put a lot of effort into research and shopping around for the best mattress,  item of furniture or appliance that they could afford. they appreciated that instead of telling them what was best for them, they could discuss their custom requirements with us. we found that in some of our global markets where our customers weren't earning high wages they wanted more for THEIR money than customers in wealthier markets. this lead to us constantly innovating and employing new manufacturing methods. we invested heavily in engineers and were able to utilize some of these new production methods in other markets around the world. 


our founders were able to leverage processes derived from their EXPERIENCE in appliance manufacturing and use some of these methods in furniture production. working in several industries benefited our customers. another advantage for our customers was the fact that we could transfer technologies from the various markets that we operated in.  

mattress standards

we found that standards in some developing countries where we manufactured were EXTREMELY high. some of these countries actually combined european, japanese, canadian and american standards.  many of the highest  standards of each of these regions were used making the overall standard for an item higher than any one of these global regions requirements. these requirements have helped us remain ahead of the curve with numerous design facets.
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