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DIY Mattress

Organic Mattress assembled your way.
You choose the best configuration for your mattress. Switch your Natural Latex around and convert to a softer mattress or firmer as your preferences change.

Organic Mattress Components in Canada
Latex Mattress shopping before moving into your new house this summer?
Why not get started with a 3 inch thick topper and move up to an 8 inch mattress later? Buy the 3 inch thick Dunlop Latex layer and add a layer or two later. Take time to consider whether you should go with Natural Latex or Organic Latex.
DIY Mattress saves time and money. Buy components when they are on sale. If there is a sale on a 3 inch thick Latex Topper buy this first. Use it with a sheet and without a mattress cover to start. Once you have had time to  decide on Organic or Natural look for a sale for another 3 inch topper or 2.  Shop for the Organic Cotton Mattress cover at the same time. 
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