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canada bedding | online smart deals

Bio-Beds plus continues to offer the best mattress and bedding values.

sign up today for free gifts and upgrades | why pay retail prices when you can save up to 40% on latex mattresses and natural bedding. we have a wide choice of natural wool bedding and organic bedding. choose from shropshire wool, merino wool or wool farmed in the pacific north west. not only do you have great bedding choices but you can speak with KNOWLEDGEABLE mattress specialists that can assist you with discounts and gifts as well as guidance about the best mattress or mattress topper for you. our founders have been designing furniture and appliances for over 50 years. 

we are concerned about health

your organic mattress is one of the few places today that you can be free from the numerous toxins that surround us. the cotton in our chemical free mattresses is gots certified or ocs certified 100% organic. our organic latex is gols certified and the rubber trees are grown on usda certified plantations. 

best mission wooden platform bed frame or the sante fe solid maple wood bed frame | if you suffer from allergies, Click and save hundreds today with the best value latex mattress!
british columbia
free shipping in canada of organic linen, natural bedding and nontoxic mattresses
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