Most people have difficulty sleeping for quite a range of reasons. The issue can be both temporary and in the long run. When determining how to overcome insomnia, it is critical to determine what is causing it in the first place.

Consequently, it is common for a pattern to build when we have a few nights where we struggle to sleep. So, whether you struggle to sleep on occasion or you're concerned that your insomnia is interfering with your daily life, we will have a quick look on how to deal with insomnia naturally, allowing you to drift off into comfortable slumber and wake up feeling refreshed.

Using Wool bedding or wool pajamas could be more effective for sleeping. The main question is, “Can wool cure Insomnia?” There have been many types of research on how wool affects your sleep and increases your sleep cycle.

According to an Australian study, wearing Wool to bed may be a more effective insomnia treatment than counting sheep. In addition, wool helps to keep the body in the "thermal comfort zone" most favorable to healthy sleep, according to scientists. To put the notion to the test, Australian researchers conducted two investigations on young and old sleepers.

On average, individuals in their twenties, the first group, fell asleep four minutes faster. At the same time, they were wearing wool pajamas instead of cotton pajamas, taking 11 minutes rather than 15. They also got seven minutes more sleep every night. The second research discovered that woolen pajamas had an even more significant effect on older
persons aged 65 to 70.
A Topper with Latex and Wool offers the best of both worlds

How to cure insomnia

Sleeping and waking up at the same time every night will help your body and brain recognize when it's time to sleep. Even a few hours difference in sleep might cause effects like jet lag. Creating rituals around bedtime might also help to calm your mind. Try a warm bath, half an hour reading a nice book or a bit of meditation, and a wool mattress will also be helpful because, according to research, we spend about 3000 hours each year on our mattresses; it is also suggested to replace your mattress every eight years.

Bedroom environment:

There are several methods to make your bedroom more sleep-friendly. Make sure the room is absolutely dark, and remove any electrical equipment or anything else that may make a distracting noise. Address the temperature by utilizing a fan or air conditioning when possible to keep the room cool but not cold.

Consider natural wool bedding:

When it comes to sleep, surrounding oneself with Organic wool rather than synthetic fibers may make a tremendous impact. Wool, in particular, has been shown to boost stage four regenerative sleep by 25%. It can help you control moisture and adjust your temperature by generating a microclimate around you. Wool bedding may assist if your sleeplessness is caused or aggravated by a propensity to overheat in bed.


It has been proved and shown that exercising increases the quality of your sleep. However, avoid exercising too close tonight since this might cause adrenaline to spike and cause your body to stay awake for longer. For the best results, work out in the early evening.


While attempting to figure out how to cure insomnia, it's a good idea to start with some easy remedies. Many patients discover a connection between what they eat or drink and the quantity and quality of their sleep. Maintain a diet and sleep record to search for patterns. Caffeine, alcohol, spicy meals, particular herbs and spices such as paprika, and eating too late are all common causes.

Other benefits of Wool
Softer Wool Mattress
Wool bedding is far softer than cotton and may help you with insomnia because a study says that a new mattress can increase the sleep cycle by 42 minutes.

​Regulates Body’s Temperature
Wool may seem like a material that feels hot in summer, but actually, it becomes cooler in summer and warmer in winter as compared to other materials, and it also helps fall asleep quickly.
Wool is Biodegradable
Wool is an all-natural Material, so it is sustainable and eco-friendly, it has a longer lifespan as compared to other materials and it’s easy to use and recycle.
Wool is Easy to clean. 
Wool fibers have a natural protective outer covering since their primary role is to shield the body of a sheep from the surrounding environment, as a result, the dirt settles on the surface and is readily cleaned. So, it is very easy to clean, and it is a myth that wool is difficult to clean.

Can Wool help in curing insomnia?
According to an Australian study, wearing Wool clothing to bed may be a more effective insomnia treatment than counting sheep.
Can wool bedding increase the sleep cycle?
Yes, wool bedding and wool mattresses increase the sleep cycle because wool is one of the most comfortable bedding materials.
Where can I find the best Wool bedding?
You can find the best wool bedding from Bio-Bed Plus, as it brings you the most comfortable and reliable wool ending, which includes; Natural wool bedding and Organic wool ​mattress covers, Organic wool mattress toppers, and natural wool mattress in Ontario protectors in BC, Ontario, and available for shipping within and outside Canada are everything you need today.


While research is still ongoing, it is critical to identify insomnia remedies that work for you right now. Taking medications and sleeping pills is just not a wise long-term option for your body.

At BioBeds Plus, we offer all-natural wool mattress toppers and Natural wool Bedding which are excellent natural insomnia remedy options. They have the power to ease tension on the body, keep you warm and dry, and provide additional comfort and support to your body during the night.

These products, made of 100 percent pure, all-natural wool garnetted into batting and contained in strong cotton ticking material, will help you attain the sleep you've been looking for. They have assisted many people in finding natural insomnia relief, particularly those who have difficulty falling and staying asleep. Visit Biobeds Plus for more information about insomnia or to get your bedding items, or for shipment available in British Columbia, Ontario, and worldwide.
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