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Shopping for an organic latex mattress made easy.

First off- determine where you want your mattress to be made. There are many nontoxic mattresses made in North America . If you are located in Canada, there are several latex mattress manufacturers to choose from. Next decide if you prefer Talalay or Dunlop latex in your mattress. Several new types of Latex rubber have been developed in the last decade by major manufacturers in North America. One type has a mix of characteristics of both Dunlop and Talalay Latex. Another type acts more like a memory foam.

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Why are you looking at latex mattresses
Are you suffering from allergies and require a Hypoallergenic mattress?
Have you considered a Wool Mattress? Is is the Fire Retardants in Mattresses that has you concerned? Perhaps you just want a mattress with excellent support and something that will last 25 years!.
If its a matter of fire retardants used in mattresses and you want to balance the cost of buying a mattress with the toxicity concerns you might be happy with a nontoxic mattress or a 100% natural mattress. What price range are you considering?
For under $1,000 you might shop for a hybrid nontoxic mattress. For $1,500-1,900 you could move up to a Natural Mattress and for $2,000-$3,000 you could be in the market for an Organic Mattress

Hybrid mattress vs a natural mattress

The best toxin free mattress
A hybrid mattress is made from a variety of layers. This mattress could be an innerspring with layers of polyurethane foam and perhaps another layer or two of latex. Some hybrids might not contain the innerspring and may be a combinations of different foams and latex.
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Do your homework!
If you are confused about all of the types of latex mattresses on the market today you aren't alone.
If you are wanting to avoid toxic chemicals consider a hybrid mattress with a 100 per cent natural latex layer of rubber two-three inches thick. This way you don't have to worry about the core of the hybrid mattress being made from a polyurethane foam. One of your first questions for the sales specialist should be - what is the core of this mattress made from? Does it contain polyurethane foam? If you are primarily concerned about toxic offgassing and fire retardants, then go with the metal innerspring with a layer of 100% natural latex. Another thing to consider is the fabric cover, referred to in the mattress industry as ticking. For the most organic cover you will want a 100% organic cotton ticking quilted to natural wool.
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