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Benefits of Organic Mattresses

Along with good nutrition and exercise, sleep is now recognized as an important contributor to the health of a person. Lack of quality sleep contributes to depression, poor concentration, and heart diseases. People around the world are increasingly aware that most traditional  innerspring beds contain man-made materials such as polyurethane foam/memory foam, polyester fabrics, vinyl , synthetic fibers and dyes – whereas organic mattresses are manufactured using natural materials.

The organic mattress primarily utilizes organic padding, fabric, and latex. They contain organic wool and cotton which is the most common source of fabric and padding.  Latex is the primary component and is derived from organically-grown rubber trees . The sap from these trees is processed using the Dunlop or Talalay method to produce organic latex beds.
Here are some of the amazing benefits which are offered by Organic Mattresses:
  • Dust-mite repellent -     Mites need moisture in order to survive. An organic mattress has several characteristics including better ventilation therefore holding less moisture.  This reduces the instances where dust mites thrive in comparison to the traditional form of mattresses. Therefore there are fewer symptoms of allergies. Yeah ! Your mattress keeps you healthy !
  • Mould-resistant and anti-bacterial- This has been a major problem with traditional mattresses. The longer you use your synthetic mattress, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and all manner of horrific germs which you would never want to see in your mattress. Don't worry about it with an organic mattress.  it remains mould resistant and prevents bacterial growth.
  • Chemical free – You don’t need to ever treat this mattress with dangerous germ-retardant chemicals. No synthetic fillers are used, no harmful chemicals  - all well-known sources of allergies. Your bed now contributes to your well-being.
  • Natural fire-resistant properties-  This is one of the most unique features of an organic mattress. An organic mattress uses natural fire-resistant properties which can save one’s life. However, in the case of a fire, the traditional mattress acts as a source which increases the fire. The synthetic components make it extremely flammable. This is why they have to load it with toxic flame retardants.
Breathable, insulating material which keeps you cooler in summer, warmer in winter-  Another advantage of an organic mattress is that most of them contain wool. Wool is excellent for keeping the sleeper cool in the summer and warmer in the winter months. Think of the might have to purchase one mattress for summer and one for winter. Surely a ludicrous choice.
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