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allergy free mattress | canada day sale starts early this year

Massive savings on select organic mattresses made in canada | pre-canada day sale starts june 21, 2018 and ends july 04, 2018 |  this canada day, save 35% on nature's embrace encore mattress or our Bio-Beds Plus chemical free sea fan mattress. Both of these mattresses are made from dunlop organic latex.  gols certified dunlop latex. the latex rubber is farmed on certified plantations. no synthetic fire retardants are used in either of these mattresses. sleep healthy today without concerns of CARCINOGENS and allergies. the beauty of these toxin free mattresses is that you are not giving up on comfort to get a hypoallergenic product. you are actually getting a premium mattress with fantastic support due to the dense  RESILIENT nature of natural rubber. Rubber from the sap of the rubber tree. this is actually a reason for the longevity of these mattresses. Dunlop latex rubber usually lasts for 25 years ,make sure you obtain a 20 year warranty. we are so certain that you will love your new mattress that we also offer a 90 day comfort guarantee on our mattresses. in the rare case that you decide that you prefer a more firm mattress or perhaps softer then biobedsplus will exchange your top layer of organic latex for the your desired comfort level. the fact that our founders have been designing mattresses and furniture for decades helps us to determine the best solution to any adjustments that you'd like to make on your bed. an added benefit of purchasing your latex mattress from biobedsplus is our experience in a multitude of world furniture and bedding markets over the years. we know just how to custom design our beds for each market and the importance of getting it just right especially with premium mattresses where you are making a big investment in your mattress and health. these organic latex mattresses are also of great benefit to children. if you've already purchased your organic bed then think about getting one for your child. children are even more UNACCEPTABLE to the multitude of synthetic and harmful chemicals in most of TODAY'S synthetic mattresses. OFF-GASSING of toxic chemicals in mattresses affect a child due to THEIR lower body weight. children also can't afford to be affected by these toxic chemical during their developmental stage. at bio-Beds plus we give exceptional value in mattresses for kids. its a goal of ours to do everything that we can to keep prices low on our mattresses suitable for children. it's the reason that we have so many smart deals for our casuarina twin size 100% natural latex mattress and our aspen gols certified organic latex model.

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