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Affordable organic topper in canada

Have you decided already if you prefer a sheepskin mattress topper or is latex topper better for you? It really depends on what you are sleeping on now and the support and comfort of your mattress. A latex topper will give you excellent support and you don't have to worry about the wool losing it's loft over time. If you shop at an online store that also happens to have a hand in mattress designing it can go a long way. Something to think of is if you love your latex topper, you might want to go with natural latex for the mattress. Flexibility is key: If you can add your topper to a support core of latex you will now have a latex mattress. Perhaps you were only interested in a mattress topper but it's great to have the option of building your own Natural mattress. A complete nontoxic mattress solution.

toxin free mattress in Canada

There are many options in the market now if you are considering a chemical free mattress. There are hybrid mattresses and Natural or Organic mattresses. Natural latex mattresses offer the best value an are made from nearly 100% sap from the rubber tree. Make sure to check manufacturer's specifications carefully as latex can come in many compositions. They can be less than 100%.
Latex foam can be completely synthetic.
100% natural latex is great for support and at the same time is able to minimize motion transfer. It has bounce and you don't sink into it- which is something to think about.
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Best value latex toppers and natural wool mattress toppers

Many options to choose from: Mattress toppers made from eco-wool from American sheep farmed in the Pacific North West or Merino Wool in Asia or Shropshire Wool from the UK. There are many choices and it depends exactly what you are looking for.

Eco-wool duvets, comforters and 3 inch thick wool toppers

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