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affordable natural mattress shop

Finding a nontoxic natural mattress can be daunting.
Some buyers will start the process off  purchasing the organic mattress topper first.

This simplifies the process and reduces the risk considerably. Less anxiety- better sleep. That's one the Pluses in Bio-Beds Plus.

Advantages in the build your organic mattress program

 Organic options-Naturally toxin free
Get the feel of the mattress by starting off with a two or three inch thick layer of Natural Latex first. Less up front cost while you learn about exactly what you require in terms of comfort and support.

Gain flexibility by building your own mattress. You'll know better what sort of support you want when you make your next purchase for your mattress and you can discuss this with our mattress specialist. By moving at your own speed you can access better offers as they come up and here's another Bio Beds Plus - There might be additional features that can be added to your mattress at this stage. For example you might prefer a Vegan Cover rather than the standard organic cover. Speaking of the luxurious cover made from GOTS certified Cotton and Natural Wool we provide this at no charge at the moment. 
Take advantage of buying your nontoxic bed from a business where the owners actually used to visit coconut plantations and choose the appropriate coconut husks to use in mattresses. We would load the husks in natural bags made from jute. We were serious about building the best mattress possible. Not only did we put our botanical components in natural bags- we also recycled our bags- we were able to use these bags in upholstered furniture. Recycling was very labor intensive and we employed staff to do this operation by hand. We avoided machinery as much as possible as it was important to us to employ as many people as possible in our factories. Speaking of hand made, we also hand sewed some parts of the mattress.

Although coconut fiber is used in some mattresses nowadays we actually used the husk. That's the soft part of the shell that's usually broken down to fibers. We used most of the husk intact in certain parts of the mattress for added support and longevity.

Look for an organic mattress specialist who will look into all the options available to you. It might be best that you work your way up to an organic mattress. Perhaps you don't have allergies and you are more concerned about the synthetic fire retardants used in most mattresses today. In that case you might want to go with an organic cover. Make sure the cover contains natural wool which acts as a natural fire retardant. Ensure that your cotton fabric is organic. This means that no fertilizers or pesticides are used on the farm where the cotton is grown. If you are looking for an affordable alternative to a $ 2,000 plus fully organic mattress a hybrid mattress may be the way to go. A good hybrid Queen mattress will cost you under $1,000. Roughly well under half the price of an organic mattress. Bio Beds Plus will work with customers who want to upgrade at a later date. Experience matters! Having designed furniture and factories for over 50 years they can assist customers in upgrading their hybrid mattresses after purchase. Move up to a Natural Mattress from your hybrid. They will know how to change out various components in the Hybrid mattress and replace these with higher specification components to bring your mattress up to natural or organic specifications. They can exchange covers for deeper covers in order to increase the thickness of your mattress or to upgrade your covers. This way you can gradually work your way up to organic spec's from a Hybrid. Remember a Hybrid may be a mixture of synthetic and organic/natural materials 

When buying your mattress always make sure that the business you deal with knows mattresses from inside out. For example a factory direct organic mattress manufacturer will certainly know everything about the mattress they are selling. The longer they have been producing mattresses the better. How long have they been producing or designing latex mattresses? Do they specialize in Natural or mostly synthetic? Do they purchase natural components directly from the source or do they buy through an intermediary?
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