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considerations before you buy your organic  or natural wool mattress topper

Wool toppers are beneficial for individuals suffering from asthma or allergies. Before purchasing your mattress topper or comforter think about what sort of characteristics you are looking for.

Are you going for a local wool?
Do you prefer to go with organic or natural wool?
What are the advantages or disadvantages with the local wool?

North American Eco wool is an excellent choice for your natural wool mattress topper or natural comforter. Eco wool is farmed in Northern California and Oregon. Seven different breeds of Sheep are used in order to obtain the best characteristics for your nontoxic toppers and comforters. With the combination of fibers from these seven different breeds of sheep you can be sure of getting the following benefits: elasticity, loft, durability, density. The batting holds it shape well and has good wear resistance. 

 The Sheep are not over medicated and the land they graze on is not over grazed. These are two important factors to consider. 
The proper grazing methods means the farmers don't have to resort to dipping the sheep in harmful chemicals to get rid of parasites which show up when there is overgrazing. It also means that chlorine and harsh chemicals are not used to remove vegetable matter that would be in the wool of sheep that are overgrazed. Eco wool is also processed very gently. When eco wool is cleaned, light soaps are used, not detergents or chemicals which would strip away the natural Lanolin and damage the scales on the wool fiber. You know that you are getting pure wool by the natural earthy smell, which comes from the lanolin. Because the crimp and the lanolin are not stripped away with harsh chemical washing the wool's temperature regulation qualities of the wool is retained. ​In fact, the wool itself is tested frequently for heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides to ensure that the product is pure.
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